I have recently received a funding for an FTP research project: PlayGALe - Playful Games with Active Learning , 2014-2017. The project is funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. DFF – 1337-00172. The budget is ~370000 €.


Video games have been a flourishing industry for more than three decades now, with revenues surpassing even those of the movie and music industries. The demand for more innovative and entertaining games has increased significantly in the last few decades. The goal of this project is to develop techniques for building new types of playful games in which the system continuously learns from the in-game interaction and responds by generating novel content. To this end, we will investigate machine learning techniques based on the concepts of active learning and artificial curiosity, that autonomously choose how to explore the player’s responses in interactive games. The search space will be defined by parameters to procedural content generation systems, that generate game content such as game rules, items or levels. The main outcome of this project will be technology that increases the playability value of computer games and enables the creation of playful, active-adaptive and improvised content based on a shared model between the player and the game in which they collaboratively interact to generate the content.

More information can be found here

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